House green salad   $5.99
  mixed green, carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, wonton crisp and house sesame dressing    
Yum woon sen   $8.99
  grass noodles salad, shrimp minced pork, scallion, red onion and lime chili sauce    
Pineapple salad   $8.99
  fresh pineapple, green been, shrimp, peanuts, tamarind lime, chili    
Papaya salad   $8.99
  green papaya, carrot, green been, shrimp, peanut, chili and tamarind lime sauce    
Rambutan salad   $8.99
  rambutan, onion, shrimp, coconut, sesame seed and spicy lime cream    
Nam sod crispy rice salad   $8.99
  ground pork, pork skin, ginger, red onions, cilantro, peanut, crispy rice    
Shanghai noodle salad   $8.99
  flat glass noodles, ground pork, shrimp, red onion, peanut, cilantro, iceberg lettuce andngarlic lime chili dressing    
Crispy on-choy (morning glory) salad   $9.99
  crispy on-choy, pork, shrimp, red onions, green onion, lime and red chili paste (seasonal)    
Spicy beef salad   $9.99
  beef slices, rice powdered, red onion, lime, chili, cilantro and scallion    
Larb gai (chicken larb)   $8.99
  ground chicken, roasted rice powder, kaffir lime leaves, red onion, scallion, lime and chili    
Tofu crispy brown rice salad   $8.99
  Soft tofu, crispy brown rice, fresh ginger, red onion, peanut, scallion and lime chili dressing    
Catfish larb   $11.99
  shreded catfish, green bean, kaffir lime leaves, rosted rice powder, red onion, scallion, lime and chili    
Eggplant salad   $9.99
  eggplant, ground pork, shrimp, red onions, green onions, cilanto, lime, red chili    

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